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3D GAP Program Design

The following is a GAP Program philosophy and framework that serves as a sample baseline for developing new GAP programs and for synchronizing with existing GAP programs to produce dynamic missional outcomes and valuable academic outcomes. Every element can be tuned to the unique vision, mission, resources, and opportunities of the frontline ministry.


Every Christ-follower uniquely equipped for an extraordinary life.

Mission Statement

3D empowers Christ-followers to understand how God works in their lives, to skillfully navigate life’s experiences, and to make wise, God-honoring directional choices as servant-leaders in the Great Commission. 

This is accomplished by a mixture of programming integrated with classroom and/or online learning, allowing knowledge to mingle with application. By integrating the practical with the theological we develop an individual whose heart for discipleship and evangelism is grounded in the truth of God’s Word.  A Christian living out the gospel, equipped for their unique place in God’s plan for his Kingdom and glory is living no ordinary life – they have been called to an extraordinary life.


  • Phase 1 participants will DISCOVER who they are in relation to God as His unique creations with a specific purpose for His glory and Kingdom. 
  • Phase 2 participants will DEVELOP skill sets and base experiences that will strategically prepare them to engage others and life events with who they are in God.
  • Phase 3 participants will DEPLOY as servant-leaders with grounded life patterns that facilitate wise choices throughout a life of ministry in the Great Commission.

3D GAP Progression

Discover Phase

Jesus connects with us first at the ground level.  That is why 3D GAP brings every person – regardless of prior experience – to this first step.  Here, you will engage with God’s agenda for your life, see what God is doing, and prepare to respond and change in a way that produces growth. 

Participant Outcome: Personal preparedness to follow God’s direction for you. 

The Discover Phase is a personal discipleship phase that recognizes the fact that we must first be individual growers in our relationship with God before we can expect to make any impact on others. The Discovery Phase is laid out in the Life-Work: Discover course (see 3D Courses below).

Develop Phase

We do not exist for our own pleasure and pursuit.  God created us for relationships and community.  This critical phase equips participants with the skill sets and experiences necessary for strong spiritual influence.  Here, they will understand how they are intentionally positioned for spiritual influence, gain tools for generating meaningful relationships and conversations with others, learn to recognize experiences as God’s leading in other people’s lives, and help others grow spiritually. 

Participant Outcome: Practical skills to have meaningful conversations and deeper relationships to help others in their spiritual growth.

The Develop phase recognizes that every experience put before us by the hand of God is intended to prepare us for His ultimate plan for our lives and bring Him glory. These experiences can range from kitchen staff to small group counsellor and His ultimate plan may be today or 10 years from now. The purpose of the Develop Phase is to recognize that no experience is wasted as He redeems them for His glory and to build His Kingdom.

The Develop Phase is best experienced in the programming already adopted by each organization and within their vision and objectives for their participants.

Deploy Phase

God gives each of us a degree of authority and roles for the purpose of leading others toward Christlikeness.  Pursuing our purpose requires us to apply learning.  Here, the participant will become a model who inspires others to connect with biblical truth and follow it, recognize God’s agenda for a group and learn how to lead from your role, and build approaches to produce discipleship-oriented growth. 

Participant Outcome: Powerful strategies to foster communities of growers who continually provoke others to love and good works.

The Deploy Phase launches people into active roles that minister to the needs of people. This is the point where the skill sets, experiences, and truth are now applied to a life of servant-leadership and discipleship.

Whether the Deploy Phase is designed into an individual GAP or internship program’s curriculum will be determined in the launch process for each program.  Primarily, it will depend on the structure of the program, on the pace students are moved through the other phases, and on the specific opportunities students will have to begin investing in deployment opportunities.  Regardless, a range of Deploy Phase opportunities exist for students after their 3D GAP year experience.  Most also afford opportunities to pursue academic credit.

**Important note:

Participants must comprehend that movement from one phase to the next does not indicate a completion of the previous phase. 

Personal spiritual growth in the Discovery Phase is ongoing throughout; development of skills and experiences to individually equip for ministry is ongoing throughout. God is constantly launching us into new endeavors for the application of the truth we have internalized for His glory and Kingdom. 

Eleven:6 strongly believes in the internalizing of this process in the life of a believer to assist in their navigation of what God is doing in their life and as a result all three phases are ongoing.

Program Course Options

The following is a curated selection of courses from the Eleven:6 catalog that often provide a good learning outcome fit with GAP program designs AND provide ideal transfer outcomes into a wider array of universities and degree programs. The right mix of course options will vary from organization to organization based on the unique mission and dynamics, but the following provides a good starting point.

3D Life Work Courses

GAP101 Life-Work: Discover

This course is designed around three skills needed for spiritual growth and processing life.  First, the ability to evaluate what God is doing in my life.  Second, understanding what is true about me.  Lastly, what to do with this evaluation of God and self and the relationship between the two. Spiritual self-inventories, Learning-Cycle maps, and other individual skills and tools will be presented and implemented to help participants discover where they stand in their relation to God and how to grow that relationship. The intent is that by learning how to grow ourselves, we will be better growers of others.  

GAP103 Life-Work: Deploy

This course is designed to prepare each participant to launch into a career or ministry with the goal of applying newly acquired skills and experiences in these new spaces. Emphasis will be placed on gaining real life career or ministry experience, application and interview skills, building a social media presence, learning how to network relationally and using internet venues, and how to successfully transition to full-time employment. Ultimately the course prepares individuals to evaluate other’s personalities and learning styles, utilize and adapt leadership approaches, and implement strategies for moving individuals and groups towards greater spiritual growth with God.  

Bible & Theology Courses

  • BIB100 Principles of Bible Study | 3 Credits
  • BIB110 Bible Survey | 3 Credits
  • BIB111 Old Testament Survey | 3 Credits
  • BIB112 New Testament Survey | 3 Credits
  • BIB313 John | 3 Credits
  • BIB321 James | 3 Credits
  • BIB211 Old Testament Directed Study | 3 Credits
  • BIB212 New Testament Directed Study | 3 Credits
  • THE120 Foundations for Christian Living | 3 Credits
  • THE220 Creation to Consummation | 3 Credits
  • THE230 Christian Apologetics | 3 Credits
  • THE250 Theology of the Gospel | 3 Credits

General Education Courses

  • ANT410 Introductory Cultural Anthropology | 3 Credits
  • ARH100 Art History | 3 Credits
  • CAP100 Basic Computer Skills | 3 Credits
  • COM101 Speech Communication
  • ENC100 Fundamentals of Written Communication | 3 Credits
  • ENC137 English Composition II | 3 Credits
  • ENL300 Great Authors | 3 Credits
  • FIN131 Personal Finance | 3 Credits
  • GLS210 Survey of Global Issues | 3 Credits
  • GLS220 World Religions | 3 Credits
  • HIS221 Roots of Christianity
  • HLP80 Personal Wellness Appraisal and Improvement | 1 Credits
  • LDR301 Foundations of Leadership | 3 Credits
  • MIN404 Developing Dynamic Teams | 3 Credits
  • MAT121 Problem-Solving Strategies | 3 Credits
  • PEN210 Outdoor Living Skills | 1 Credits
  • PEN251 Canoeing | 1 Credits
  • PEN220 Recreational Activities | 3 Credits
  • PHI100 Introduction to Philosophy | 3 Credits
  • PHI130 Introduction to Ethics | 3 Credits
  • PHI110 Foundations of Worldviews | 3 Credits
  • PHI210 Logic & Critical Thinking | 3 Credits
  • SCI120 Science and Theology | 3 Credits
  • SLS167 Foundations of Learning | 3 Credits

Leadership & Ministry Courses

  • MIN401 Dynamics of Discipleship | 3 Credits
  • MIN402 Introduction to Impact Ministry Leadership | 3 Credits
  • MIS311 Intercultural Ministry Philosophy | 3 Credits
  • MIS321 Intercultural Communication | 3 Credits
  • MIS411 Intercultural Evangelism | 3 Credits

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