Arts & Sciences

A breadth of course disciplines designed to meet general education program requirements while providing critical thinking and skill development foundations.

ANT410 Introductory Cultural Anthropology

This course will provide students a working foundation toward understanding global cultures, languages, worldviews and belief systems. Emphasis will be placed on comparing and contrasting these dynamics with an eye toward productive and proactive engagement with people of and in different cultures.

ARH100 Art History

This course will introduce learners to the development of the fine arts, including important artists, works, and genres. Students will learn to critically converse with works of art and the ideas they embody, and will develop a personal philosophy of the arts in order to form a basis for wise and discerning engagement with the arts in personal, family, and community environments.

CAP100 Basic Computer Skills

This course will develop student proficiency in text editing and formatting, spreadsheet and database management, and presentation preparation, with special attention to Microsoft Office products and their practical uses. Further study will cover available operating systems, web resources, security software, as well as other specialized software that is available to the student in the modern open source environment.

COM101 Speech Communication

This course is designed as a practice-oriented introduction to public speaking, as well as small group, and interpersonal communications skills. Attention is given to the fundamental processing of ideas, organization of materials, and group dynamics, along with the use of the voice, articulation, and body expression. Emphasis will be given to the delivery of prepared messages in various settings, with various audiences, and in various formats.

COM320 Communicating for a Cause

This course introduces key principles and practices in communication, partner development, branding, and marketing, including the challenges and opportunities modern digital communication present, and introduces students to a framework for values development for stakeholders.