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COM101 Speech Communication

This course is designed as a practice-oriented introduction to public speaking, as well as small group, and interpersonal communications skills. Attention is given to the fundamental processing of ideas, organization of materials, and group dynamics, along with the use of the voice, articulation, and body expression. Emphasis will be given to the delivery of prepared messages in various settings, with various audiences, and in various formats.

COM320 Communicating for a Cause

This course introduces key principles and practices in communication, partner development, branding, and marketing, including the challenges and opportunities modern digital communication present, and introduces students to a framework for values development for stakeholders.

ENC100 Fundamentals of Written Communication

This course will introduce the college student to the purpose, elements, and qualities of good writing. Students will be coached through the drafting, revision, and the final stages of writing, and they will learn to find, assess, and properly document sources of information.

ENC137 English Composition II

In this course, students will develop skills toward expository writing based upon the close reading and study of selected texts. The course emphasizes oral and written analytical interpretations which include recognition of the techniques, forms, and rhetorical devices used by writers of literature. The course also serves as an introduction to literature.

LDR508 Organizational Communication

This course is designed to develop students' skills in managing organizational behavior through the leveraging of effective communicative processes. It will provide them with a solid grounding in theories and strategies of organizational communication relevant to their experiences, real-life professional settings, and potential situations.