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LDR340 Introduction to Accelerated Learning

This course is an introduction to wilderness camping as a medium for in-process learning. Emphasis will be placed on the development of skills for experiential learning, problem solving, communications, and team building.

LDR502 Organizations as Learning Communities

The rapidly changing environment has produced a significant shift in organizational theory and practice. In times of rapid change, the ability of an organization to learn emerges as a primary competency. Students will engage organizational theory to help them identify and understand the unique organizational culture within which they function, and to formulate interventions to enhance learning and innovation. Students will also interact with learning theory to help them develop effective approaches to encouraging and facilitating learning within the organization.

SLS167 Foundations of Learning

This course is an introduction to learning styles and strategies that provide a foundation for a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and leadership. Students will learn to identify and leverage their own personal learning style, to cultivate a personal culture of learning, and acquire core skills to accelerate dynamic learning that will become foundational for leading others effectively.