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BIB111 Old Testament Survey

This course is a chronological survey of Old Testament people, places, and events. Emphasis will be given to the theology and the interpretive challenges of the Old Testament. The course will highlight the basic message of the Old Testament books, their contribution to God's redemptive storyline, and their significance for Christian thought and practice.

BIB211 Old Testament Directed Study

This course is designed to be an independent study of selected books of the Old Testament. The primary focus will be on the history, theology, and interpretive challenges of selected books, specifically in relation to God's redemptive story line.

BIB301 Genesis

The book of Genesis serves as the fountainhead out of which all subsequent Scripture flows. The focus of this book is upon God's creative and restorative work primarily evidenced through his covenants given to the patriarchs and traced through human history. This course is designed to enable students to: (1) identify central themes of Genesis, (2) articulate the eschatological message, (3) employ solid Bible study skills, (4) embrace a unified view of Scripture, and (5) apply the central themes to their life.

BIB305 Nehemiah

The book of Nehemiah offers a poignant picture of God-centered leadership and influence in submission to God's plan and provision. Attention is given to Nehemiah’s example and character as a leader, his competency, and commitment to his people, and conflict resolution.