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SCI120 Science and Theology

This course is designed to explore the interdisciplinary dialogue between scientists and theologians on critical, moral, ethical, scientific, and theological issues. Students will become familiar with a variety of contemporary issues in both science and worldview. They will develop their scientific literacy and the critical thinking skills needed to analyze these issues and to generate a response from their worldview.

THE120 Foundations for Christian Living

This course will guide students in developing a philosophy and strategy of godly living that will guide them for a lifetime. These foundational concepts for successful Christian living include developing a Biblical world view, ethics and patterns of behavior; Bible study; prayer; and making Biblically-informed choices.

THE201 Theology Survey

This course is a foundational survey of Bible doctrine designed to introduce the student to the major areas of systematic theology.

THE220 Creation to Consummation

This course is a study of the overarching storyline of the Bible, with special attention given to how the Scriptures fit together as a unified whole. This course will trace the development of key themes that unite the Scriptures, beginning at creation in Genesis 1 and ending at the consummation of all things in Revelation 22.

THE225 The New Testament Church

This course is an introduction to the origin, nature, purpose, mission, polity, and ministry of the church. It explores the biblical and theological issues involved in the doctrine of the church with a particular focus on the practical preparation of students for effective ministry in local churches or parachurch ministry organizations, based on a biblical understanding of the local church.