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ANT410 Introductory Cultural Anthropology

This course will provide students a working foundation toward understanding global cultures, languages, worldviews and belief systems. Emphasis will be placed on comparing and contrasting these dynamics with an eye toward productive and proactive engagement with people of and in different cultures.

ARH100 Art History

This course will introduce learners to the development of the fine arts, including important artists, works, and genres. Students will learn to critically converse with works of art and the ideas they embody, and will develop a personal philosophy of the arts in order to form a basis for wise and discerning engagement with the arts in personal, family, and community environments.

BIB100 Principles of Bible Study

This course provides an introduction to methods and tools for inductive study of biblical texts,through observation, interpretation, application, and implementation. Taking a skill-development approach, students will identify and practice sound hermeneutical methods toward understanding Scripture, including analysis in light of historical background and biblical context.

BIB100B Biblical Hermeneutics

To employ a consistent and reliable hermeneutic in the interpretation of biblical texts.

BIB110 Bible Survey

This course lays a foundational understanding of the Bible through a historical survey of the Old and New Testaments. Emphasis will be given to interacting with biblical literature, basic hermeneutical principles, key themes and characters, and the redemptive theme of Scripture.