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Certificate in Applied Ministry

The purpose of this program is to survey foundational skills for leveraging God’s Word in life and ministry, then add ministry leadership foundations and discipline-specific ministry application skills in Youth Ministry, Urban Ministry, Family Ministry, Intercultural Ministry or Camp Ministry. The applied ministry concentration a student selects will be named on the certificate.

URB311 Foundations of Urban Ministry

This course is designed to lay a foundation for urban ministry by introducing the history, trends and challenges that shape it uniquely. Building on that context, the course will challenge learners to integrate Scripture into every aspect of urban ministry and create programming driven by a clear sense of mission and purpose.

URB315 Dynamics of Urban Culture

This course is designed to help students understand and engage the cultural dynamics of urban ministry in America and worldwide in a way that helps to position them and their urban ministry organizations as servants to the local church and urban world unit.

URB321 Communication in Urban Ministry

This course is designed to help students establish a comprehensive strategy for effective communication in urban ministry. Emphasis will be placed on engaging the various stakeholders in urban ministry with relevant, timely, and clear communication across various contexts and channels.

URB411 Evangelism in Urban Ministry

The goal of this course is to help individuals develop ministries which will enable them to engage and influence urban environments with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the coming decades. A secondary goal is to help students develop a plan to have an effective personal outreach ministry in their own urban contexts.